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** Get the Computerised Copy of your Land Records (ROR) from the Tehsil Apna Khata Kendra, District Land Records Room and Authorised CyberCafe in the District.
About NIC                         
The National Informatics Centre (NIC) was set-up in March' 1977 by the Government of India to provide computer based information services to Government departments. Today NIC, is a premier Information Technology organization in India which is committed to provide state-of-the-art, solutions for the IT needs of the Government of India at all levels. NIC carries the distinction of being the largest IT Organization in the Country and has set up a satellite based nationwide computer communication network, called NICNET, with over 1400 nodes connecting the National Capital, the State Capitals and the District Headquarters to one another. The IT services of NIC range from Consultancy, Software Design & Development, Office Automation and Networking Services to Training, Video Conferencing, CAD, EDI, Multimedia and Internet Services including Web Site Development and Hosting. NIC has a nationwide presence, with its offices spread all across the Country, from Leh to Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

The organizational set up of NIC encompasses its Headquarters at New Delhi, state units in all the 29 State capitals and 6 Union Territory Headquarters and district centres in more than 600 districts of India. The Organization employs a large pool of efficient technical manpower. At the NIC Headquarters, a large number of Application Divisions exist which provide total Informatics Support to the Ministries and Departments of the Central Government. NIC computer cells are located in almost all the Ministry Bhawans of the Central Government and Apex Offices including the Prime Minister’s Office, the Rashtrapati Bhawan and the Parliament House. Apart from this, NIC has various Resource Divisions at the Headquarters which specialize into different areas of IT and facilitate the Application Divisions as well as other NIC Centres in providing state-of-the-art services to the Govt. At the State level, NIC State Centres provide informatics support to their respective State Government and at the District level lie the NIC District Infomatics Offices which strive hard to provide effective informatics support to the Development, Revenue and Judiciary administration of the District. In order to promote Information Technology in the country, focussing on INTERNET Technology based Value-added Services in the area of Industry, Business and Commerce, NIC has also established 22 National Information Technology Promotional Units (NITPUs) at major industrial/ Commercial cities viz.- Ahmedabad, Bangalore , Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Calcutta, Chandigarh Chennai, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kanpur, Kochi, Lucknow, Ludhiana, Mumbai, Nagpur, Panipat, Patna, Pune, Shimla, Tripur and Vishakapatnam. These centres provide Video-conferencing facilities, EDI services and other INTERNET Technology based Services over NICNET. Top of Page

Role of NIC District Centre

NIC District Centre, BaranNIC District centre at Baran was established in the year 1991, soon after the formation of Baran district in April' 1991. NIC centre is located in District Collectorate Building. Two officials, District Informatics Officer(DIO) and District Informatics Associate(DIA) are posted from NIC for the need of district administration and other district officials. With the coordination of NIC officials and district administration as well as other district level officials, NIC has established its necessity in various administrative and decision level works. NIC centre has high speed Internet linkage of All India Satellite Based Computer Communication Network, NICNET. The district centre is equipped with high speed VSAT, Routers, Unix Server Computer Systems with multilingual terminals (for hindi support), Windows Server & Client Computers Systems, Linux Server Computer System and other peripherals for catering the computerisation, communication and other needs of the district administration and various district offices. Depending on the wide variety of work, NIC centre has various working environments like UNIX, Windows and Linux.Top of Page

Video-Conferencing Facility

District Collector, SP and other officials at VC Studio in NIC District Centre, Baran

District Collector, SDM & DD ICDS attending Egram VC of Chief Secretary, Rajasthan

Video-Conferencing is the new way of communication by which one can talk to other side face-to-face. It has a Microphone, Camera &  TV. One can see the picture of other side on TV screen and talk to each other. It enables top management to communicate quickly and effectively sitting at multiple locations. Video-conferencing helps to reduce travel costs, improves usage of management time and speeds up decision-making. It also provides an effective way of delivering cost-efficient training to individuals without the need to constantly travel to central locations. The Video-Conferencing network in Rajasthan state was inaugurated by hon'ble Chief Minister of Rajasthan on 9th August' 2004 by talking to all District Collectors from Jaipur studio. NIC District Centre, Baran is also providing Video-Conferencing facility to District Administration and other District Level Offices. NIC has established Video-conferencing studios in all 32 District NIC centres of Rajasthan and about 490 locations in India including all north eastern state capitals.
                                                                                                                                   Media News on NIC VC Facility
E-Samadhan project has been started by state government for public grievances redressal with the help of Video confrencing facility of NIC. In this project, Hon'ble Chief Minister directly communicate to the effected person and administrative officers for quickly solve the problem.

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Important Video-Conferencing From District Centre

Hon'ble CM Video Conferencing Inaugural Session, ESamadhan
District Collector VC with Jhalawar For Parliamentry Election Arrangements
Director Animal Husbandry Confrencing Review Meeting
Divisional Commissioner's Confrencing Review Meeting with all District Collectors under Kota Division
Board of Revenue Confrencing Confrencing for LRC in the District
Hon'ble Minister of Social Welfare & Cooperative Confrencing Review VC with Dy. Director Social Welfare & AR Cooperatives
Director, DPIP Review Meeting
Hon'ble Minister of Health & FW Swasthya Chetna Yatra Preparation Review meeting
Principal Scretary Rural Development Review Meeting
Director Education Review Meeting
Commissioner, Industries Review Meeting
Home Department Conference Review Meeting
Chief Secretary, Rajasthan Egram Review Meeting
Chief Electoral Officer, Rajasthan Election Meeting
Principal Secretary, Medical Review Meeting

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Major Projects Undertaken

Apna Khata

Land Records Fees Web Enable Land Records
Authorised CyberCafe in District Article Published in Ravira


Chief Secretary Visiting Apna Khata Stall in PGKS Camp at Fatehpur, Baran

Apna Khata(previously it was known as Land Record Computerisation)is the joint program of Government of Rajasthan, Ministry of Rural Development and National Informatics Centre (NIC). This programme was implemented in Baran district in the year 1997-1998. Software for Land Record Computerisation (LRC) has been developed by National Informatics Centre(NIC), Jaipur. All the technical support in the project is being provided by NIC District centre, Baran. With the efforts of NIC Baran, all the Jamabandi's data of eight tehsils have been entered in computers on UNIX platform in Oracle database and verified well before the target date. The UNIX data has been converted to Windows platform in SQL Server database and provided to tehsils with software. Computer rooms have been prepared in all the eight tehsils. Tehsil computer centres have also become operational in all tehsils viz. Baran, Anta, Atru, Kishanganj, Chhipabarod, Shahabad, Chhabra & Mangrol. Tehsildar /Naib Tehsildar and three patwaris of each tehsil have been provided operational training of computers and LRC software. The trained patwaris, known as Resource Persons are working on computers in tehsils. Refresher training has also been provided to Tehsildar/Naib tehsildar and Patwaris/Resource Persons. All tehsil Apna Khata centres are providing computerised Jamabandi's copies(Record of Rights) and also generating new Chausala Jamabandi. Resource persons of each tehsil have been alloted task to keep the LRC records uptodate by regular mutation entry. All the tehsil computers have been linked with NICNET and provided email facility within district. This email facility is being used for transmitting/receiving various important messages/MPR etc. Various training programmes/workshop have been organised by NIC District Centre, Baran to keep the resource persons uptodate and solving their technical issues.

One additional computer system has been provided to all the tehsil hqts. in February' 2005 exclusively for the work of Apna Khata. The systems have been attached with Biometric FPR(Finger Print Reader)device, which scans finger impression of the user for starting the computer system. One Computer Server and 2 client PC systems have been supplied at District hqts. for providing ROR of all the eight tehsils from district hqts. Board of revenue has also authorised cyber cafe in the district for providing jamabandi copies. Authorised cyber cafe can issue jamabandi copies in prescribed rates. The jamabandi data of the district has also been kept at website (

Touch Screen Kiosk at Collectorate, Baran

Touch Screen Kiosk (TSK) has been started in collectorate on 11/02/2009. With the help of TSK, anyone can view his Land Records free of cost. Tehsilwise data is available on TSK and viewer has the option to see his ROR by providing Tehsil Name, Villge Name and Khata No. / Khasra No./ Mutation / Name. TSK is connected with LRC server at NIC and data collected from tehsil is updated on server every month.

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Treasury Computerisation System(TCS)

Inaugration of Treasury Internet Connectivity by then District Collector, BaranTreasury Computerisation has been started in 1996 in the district and manual account compilation was discontinued. Software for the treasury computerisation has been developed by National Informatics Centre(NIC), State Unit, Jaipur. All the technical support in the project is being provided by NIC District Centre, Baran. Initially monthly accounting compilation work was computerised. Now all the major works of District Treasury like Token Window, Bill Passing, Civil Pension, Stamps Accounting, Old Age Pension System, Long Term Advances(LTA), PD Accounts have been computerised. Computers have also been installed in the two sub-treasuries of the district. Training has been imparted to the treasury and sub-treasury staff for the smooth operation of the computers and software. Treasury has been provided Internet & Intranet connectivity via the NIC LAN setup, Sub-treasuries have been connected to NIC district Intranet via Dial-up connectivity. Monthly/Fortnightly accounting data from both Sub-treasuries is received directly to District Treasury via NICNET connectivity.In a major achievement, all the old age pensioners data were computerised and Money Order(MO)for pensioners were printed by computers on pre-printed stationary.This process has reduced the time in preparing the MO for each pensioners.

NIC State Unit, Jaipur has developed a windows based paybill software for all the departments of Rajasthan government. NIC Baran is providing technical support for the installation of the software in all the departments having computer facility. CSPs (Computer Service Providers) have also been authorised in the district for the preparation of computerised salary bills for the departments not having computer facility. The data from departments is received in floppy/CD to treasury along with the paybill. This data is validated and collected in the treasury computer with the help of DDS(Data Depository System) software. The paybill inner and schedules are printed at treasury through DDS software.Top of Page

District Court Computerisation(DCC)

District Court Computer Centre, BaranComputers have been installed in District court, Baran by the National Informatics centre(NIC) and training has been provided to the staff. District Court Information System (DCIS)Software has been developed by NIC, Jaipur for record keeping of cases since its filing upto decision level. All the technical support in the project is being provide by NIC District centre, Baran. About 950 case files of civil and criminal cases of DJ, MACT and NDPS courts have been entered in the computers. Daily cause list is being generated by the computers. Payroll system developed by NIC district centre has been installed in the district court and all the payroll statements, arrear statements, annual statements and LPC are being generated by computers. Monthly Expenditure accounting have also computerised for district court by the software developed by NIC District centre, Baran. Computers are also being used for day to day office work. One Windows system with Internet connectivity has been provided in District court for their day to day work.Top of Page

Web Enabled Online Public Grievances System

Website & Online Public Grievances Demo to District Officers & Press by DIO NIC Website & Online Public Grievances Demo to District Officers & Press by DIO NIC

Web Enabled Public Grievances System for District Collectorate has been started and linked with District Website ( The system was launched by District Collector & Magistrate on 13th April' 2005. District Informatics Officer (DIO), NIC has demonstrated the District Website and Web Based public Grievances System to District Officers and Press persons. When a person lodge a complaint on the system, a unique registration No. is given to the applicant. This registration No. is used to send reminder and knowing the grievances status on the website itself. Action taken on the complaint is processed and updated by District Collectorate.Top of Page

Election Management System

NIC District Centre Baran plays a key role in all the election related activities during elections in the district. A software has been developed in Windows environment for computerisation of election management. Major works like Polling Party Formation, Booth List Computerisation, Route Chart Generation, Booth Allocation Randomistion, Party Training Order, Party Final appointment Order, Training of Polling Party, Party Attendance Sheet, Counting Party Randomisation & Appointment order generation, Micro Observer Randomisation & Appointment order Generation, Duty Certificates, Relieving Orders of personnels, Scanning of Nominations, Statistical Reports & Other management report etc. are being computerised. Computer centre with Internet/Email facility is being setup at counting centre for the transmission of Counting data.  Top of Page

Public Grievances Monitoring System

Public Grievances is being computerised for District Collector, CM cell & all SDOs in the District. All the public grievances application received from Hon'ble CM, MPs, MLAs or applicant itself are being entered in computers and forwarding letters generated for concerned inspecting officer and applicant. Registeration slip are also being generated for the applicant. Reminder is generated if the reply not received from the inspecting officers within specified time. Various monitoring reports like Pendency Report, PG register, Summery Report, Forwarding Report etc generated as and when required.
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Revenue Court Cases Monitoring System

Software has been developed by NIC Baran for the computerisation of Revenue Courts Cases in the district. All the details of current cases entered in the system. After the completion of daily court work, next date of hearing is updated in the system for the use of cause list. Various monitoring reports like Case Register, Pendency Register, Disposal Register, Lawyer wise report etc. can be generated time to time. System can also generates village wise pending/current cases report.
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Famine Relief Monitoring System

Famine relief monitoring system has been developed by NIC district centre, Baran for the effective, speedy and proper monitoring of the relief activities in the district. All the work proposals received from public representatives, local people etc. are entered in computers and on the basis of selection/finalisation done by administration from the proposals, work sanctions are generated through the software. Work status i.e. completed, under progress, stopped or cancelled, as received from panchayat samitis can be entered on daily basis. Various reports for monitoring purpose, required by state government & district administration are generated by the software. Software has been used for monitoring purpose by district administration during Famine Relief works in Samwat 2059 & Samwat 2061.Top of Page

Web Results

NIC district centre is distributing Board of Secondary Education Results as and when declared by the Rajasthan board of secondary education. Result list containing rollno, name, marks in each subject is pasted in the collectorate campus for students and a seperate list is also provided to District Education Officer. Special arrangements are being made at collectorate reception counter, to show results to the students coming late from rural areas.

Students Viewing their Results at Collectorate, Baran

Hundred of students come NIC centre to see the results and benefited by the free facility provided by NIC centre. Various analysis reports viz. Schoolwise Results Analysis & Schoolwise District Merit List, also generated for District Education officer.Top of Page

CAPES Examinations

Students appearing for Examinations at NIC District Centre, BaranNIC district centre has conducted online CAPES (Computer Aided Paperless Examination System) examinations for DOEACC 'CCC' (Certificate course for Computer Concepts) course. In this type of examination system, candidate appears for examination on the computer terminal. Questions set stoerd on the central server appear on the computer screen randomly for the student and answer has to be marked on the computer itself. Central server was at NIC Delhi and answer was stored on the server. Each students gets different set of questions from the large pool of question bank at server. This type of examination has cost, time and administrative benefits. The examinations have been conducted all over india on same days. The examination at Baran was conducted for 2 Days in different batches.

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Small Savings Lottery

Computerised Lottery System has been Developed by NIC District Centre, Baran for Small Savings scheme 'Coupon Uphar Yojna'. Draw was performed by Hon'ble MLA Shri Hemraj Meena and then District Collector at conference hall of collectorate Baran. Two types of draw were performed, one for Investors which have 21 prizes and another for Agents which have 8 perizes. District Officers, Media Personalities and Public Persons were present in the function and shown keen interest in the computerised lottery system.  Top of Page


Demonstration of Agmarknet portal by DIO, NICAll the three Krishi Upaj Mandi Samitis (KUMS)of the district have been connected to the National level AGMARKNET project with the help of NICNET. Daily commodity prices are being send to AGMARKNET portal by Internet connectivity provided by NIC district centre in all the three mandi viz. Baran, Chhabra & Atru. Daily commodity prices and arrivals can be seen on the portal for all the mandi of the country. To aware farmers & merchants, one day Agmarknet awareness workshop is organised by NIC District centre and Directorate of Marketing & Inspection(DMI) at Krishi Upaj Mandi Samiti, Baran. Live demonstration of the Agmarknet portal is given to all the participents so that farmers and merchants can make use of the portal. 

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8th Class Board Result Online

District Board Pattern Examination result of 8th Class has been hosted on district website first time in the district. Web enabled program has been developed and result of about 17,000 students made online based on the data provided by DIET (District Institute of Education & Training), Baran. The result contains marks, percentage and final result, is of immense help to the students of remove areas as they need not to come district hqts. for their result.
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Time Attendance System

Inaugration of Time Attendance System by District Collector,  Dr.  Pritam B.Yashwant Inaugration of Time Attendance System by District Collector,  Dr.  Pritam B.Yashwant
Biometric based Time Attendance System has been installed in Collectorate, Baran. All the employees has been provided RFID Cards. System has the facility to register attendance of all the employees by employee registered finger or RFID card. Systems stores the Check-in and Check-out time of all the employees daily.

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Collectorate Touch Screen Kiosk

Touch Screen Installed in Collectorate, Baran

Touch Screen Kiosk has been installed in Collectorate to provide various information to general public. Information like work sanctions in NREGA & IAY scheme of Rural Development, Fare Price Shops (FPS), Gas Agency & Petrol Dealers list of the district, DLC rate, Tourism in the district, Government officers Telephone Directory and Thana wise Arms Licenses have been kept in the touch screen for viewing. Interface for this has been developed by NIC district centre, Baran.   

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Other Major Projects Undertaken at NIC District Centre

Department Computerised Projects Name

District Collectorate

* Arms License Monitoring System (ARMS).
* Address Tracking System (ATS).
* Census 1991 & 2001 databases.
* Cattle Census Computerisation.
* Child Labour Survey Computerisation.
* Gram Sevak Recruitment.
* Progress Information Transmission of various
   campaigns like
Prashashan Gaon Ke Sang (PGKS),
   Prashashan Shaharo Ke Sang (PSKS), Safai
   Campaign, Prashashan Apke Dwar(PAD), Jal Chetna
   Yatra, Swasthya Chetna Yatra, Village Contact Drive,
   Revenue Campaign 2008, CM SarvJan Sambal Campaign

  etc. on Daily / Weekly / Fortnightlly basis.
* Demand Collection & Balance System for DRA.
* Progress Reports transmission by NICNET for 20 Point,
   Hospital Turnover, Rainfall & Offtake position of DSO
* Computerised Lottery for Pulse Polio Campaign.
* Social Auditing Computerisation.

District Courts

* Recruitment System for Peon.
* Expenditure Accounting System.

DWDA & ICDS Department

* Computerisation of Self Help Group.
* Computerisation of Anganbari Centres.
* Computerisation of Accounting Work.
* Computerisation of Monthly Progress Reportings.

Zila Parishad

* Works Monitoring System.
* BPL Census' 2002 Computerisation.
* NREGA MIS Computerisation


* Computerisation of Secondary Education Teacher's
* Board Results of Secondary/Senior Secondary Examinations.
* Seventh All India Education Survey (AIES).

District Treasury

EMI Calculation for House Building Advances.

Small Savings

Computerised Lottery System.


Bank Recovery Monitoring System

GPF & SI Department

GPF & SI Master Database Creation

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Major Databases Computerised

Database Names Description

Phone Directories

Complete Directory of DLO etc.

Seniority List

Seniority List of Collectorate & Land Records Staff

Small Scale Industry Database

Small Scale Industries Database of DIC

Arms Licenses Holders

Arms Licenses holders in the district

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Internet Connectivity Provided By NIC District Centre

Internet connectivity has been provided to the following departments through LAN or Dial-up from NIC District Centre.

District Collector & Magistrate. District Superintendent of Police.
District Court. Treasury, Baran.
Sub-Treasury, Shahabad. Sub-Treasury, Chhabra.
All Eight Tehsils of the District. PD, DRDA.
Secretary, Krishi Upaj Mandi, Baran. Secretary, Krishi Upaj Mandi, Atru.
Secretary, Krishi Upaj Mandi, Chhabra.

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NIC District Centre in News

Website Inauguration: Dainik Bhaskar, 11th April' 2002

Dainik Bhaskar News dated 11/04/2002 Dainik Bhaskar News dated 11/04/2002

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Website Inauguration : NIC Informatics Newsletter, July' 2002

NIC INFORMATICS Newsletter, July' 2002

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LRC: Dainik Bhaskar, 5th October' 2002

LRC: Dainik Bhaskar, 19th November' 2002

Dainik Bhaskar News dated 5/10/2002

Dainik Bhaskar News dated 19/11/2002

LRC: Rajasthan Patrika, 1st May' 2003

Rajasthan Patrika News dated 1/5/2003


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Video Conferencing: Rajasthan Patrika, 10th August' 2004

Video Conferencing: Rajasthan Patrika, 4th October' 2004

Rajasthan Patrika News dated 10/8/2004

Rajasthan Patrika News dated 4/10/2004

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CAPES EXAMINATION: Rajasthan Patrika, 22nd Nov.' 2004

Rajasthan Patrika News dated  22/11/2004

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Video Conferencing: Rajasthan Patrika, 20th November' 2006

Video Conferencing: Dainik Bhaskar, 28th November' 2006

Rajasthan Patrika News dated 20/11/2006

Dainik Bhaskar News dated 28/11/2006

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Video Conferencing: Dainik Bhaskar, 24th December' 2006

Dainik Bhaskar News dated 24/12/2006

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District Informatics : NIC Informatics Newsletter, January' 2007

NIC INFORMATICS Newsletter, January' 2007

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Video Conferencing: Patrika Beauro, 2nd September' 2008

Patrika Beauro News dated 02/09/2008

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LRC: Dainik Bhaskar, 12th February' 2009

LRC: Rajasthan Patrika, 12th February' 2009

Dainik Bhaskar News dated 12/02/2009

Rajasthan Patrika News dated 12/02/2009

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TSK: Dainik Bhaskar, 2nd August' 2009

Dainik Bhaskar News dated 02/08/2009

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Other Activities
Baran Bytes - Computer Painting Competition

Children Appearing in the competitionDuring Baran Utsav' 2007, Computer Painting Competition was conducted by District Administration, Baran on the subject of "BARAN MERI NIGAH MAI". NIC District Centre, Baran was given overall responsibility by administration for conducting the competition. Competition was conducted at Computer Lab, Government Higher Secondary School, Baran on 40 conmputers. Total 106 children of age group 5 to 15 have actively participated in the competition in three batches. Each participant has been given 30 minutes for their painting in the Paint Brush software. Children have made beautiful paintings of the district like tourist spots, Temples, Forts, Collectorate Building, School Buildings, Hills-Falls-Rivers and attracted all guests & media personalities. Images of district in future by showing big roads, large buildings, clean gardens and big hospitals were also made by children in their paintings.

Shri. Naveen Jain, District Collector & Magistrate, Baran was Chief Guest and Shri Rakesh Jain, BJP Nagar President presided over the inaugural function. Both the guests have seen each and every painting and encouraged children.

District Administration has highly appreciated the efforts put-in by NIC District Centre for successfully conducting the competition.
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NIC Officials at District Centre

District Informatics Associate (DIA & Incharge) Manish Kumar Sharma
District Informatics Associate (DIA) Smt. Poonam Patni

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